Amazing facts about Golf

Golf – A game that we have seen as well as played it. It is one of the widely played sports by millions across countries. And has also become a part of various world championships. But there are some amazing fun facts that we are still unaware of.

History of this club and ball sport.

According to Google, Scotland was the origin of the modern game of golf in the 15th century but somewhere the ancient origins are much unclear. Some historians claim that the roman game of Paganica, where participants used a bent stick to hit a stuffed ball. Ball and stick game was traced back to the 13th century, not only in Europe but in some parts of Asia and Africa. And in the 11th century, it was witnessed in china too but Scotland kept the precursor to the modern game alive and made what it is today.  

Some Amazing facts about golf that will leave you astounded can really make you play this as your favorite sport

Made of wood

Some of the first golf balls were made originally of woods. They came in the market around the 14th century and existed till the 17th century.

Took to the moon

Golf is one of the only two sports which were played on the moon. In February 1967 Alan Bartlett( AI) performed a one-handed swing with a six-iron sending the ball flying through the moon’s low gravity atmosphere. Another sport other than golf javelin which was 

reportedly played on the moon.

Longest Recorded Drive

An astonishing record was made in golf history. An English American pro golf player made a record of making the longest drive. In U.S. National Seniors Tournament in 1974, He threw the ball an astounding 515 yards.

 Go to fitness exercise

According to health and website shape, golf is considered a good workout sport. It burns 431 calories in an hour. Well, this is a go-to workout for every fitness freak.

Golfs were made of Leather Balls

An alternative type of golf ball entered the market during the 14th century known as feathery. A feathery was a leather ball filled with chicken or goose feathers. This was relatively expensive than the wooden golf ball.

Naked golf course

Established in France, la jenny was the first-ever golf course wherein players used to play the game naked. They were known as naturists.

Innovation in the game

Before the golf tees came into existence, golf players used to shape mounds of sands and then place the golf ball on the top. Tees came into existence in the late 1920 and are widely popular today.

The chance

The average golfer has a 12500 to 1 chance of making a hole in one. This makes it a quite astonishing game and the efforts are the highest.

A game with No gender

The first-ever women’s golf was played in 1811 in Musselburgh, Scotland, proving that sports are not gender defined. 

These amazing facts are enough for everybody to pick up the golf stick and start making scores.

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